Suggestions To Fix Ap Dir Flash Cannot Run Flash / Permission Denied

February 5, 2022 0 Comments

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    Hey, can I try completely deconfiguring my Cisco 2950?

    But I get this error message: Flash cannot be declared/: Permission denied after running your commands

    flashfs[0]: Flash Deal entry at 0x80c5c7e4, device 0, offset 0x40000, segment 0x208: Fa


    I’m trying to install cisco ios on a new Visa flash card and I’m in ROMMON. However, be aware that every time I try to restore something, I get an access denied message and I can’t continue. What can I do?

    Additional information: After downloading this image from the TFTP server, it shows me a dialogue with viewers.

    Okay, that’s what I thought too, and it’s pretty stupid to confuse that with lol. When I tried to write to the flash, it was not being used and I tried the “format flash” command, but it didn’t work. The command that worked was “format I flash:” with missing colons :). I don’t spend much time on ROMMON as you would like to say.

    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone saw and fixed itone if it was powered by what I understood:

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  • Ethernet Base MAC Address: 00:0a:b7:dc:14:80

    Xmodem file system available.

    Password recovery resource included.

    Initializing Flash…

    flashfs[0]: 2 written documents, 1 directory

    flashfs[0]: 0 orphaned files, 9 orphaned directories

    flashfs[0]: total bytes: 15998976

    flashfs[0]: bytes used: 1536

    flashfs[0]: 15997440 bytes

    flashfs[0]: available: flashfs fsck took 17 seconds.

    …Flash.Sector initialized

    Boot filesystem (bs:) installed, fsid: 3

    Loading “”…: Permission denied

    Error loading “”

    Stop within 5 seconds to cancel the learning process.

    Failed to start…

    The system cannot start automatically. BOAT

    Environment variable specs must be set to boot



    Unknown command:?


    ? — Show list of available commands

    boot — downloads and runs an executable image

    cat — Merge (inject) file(s)

    copy — copies a significant file

    delete — udaupload file(s)

    dir — list files in directories

    flash_init – Initialize expensive filesystems

    format — Format the file system

    fsck – checking the integrity of the file system

    help — contains available commands.

    load_helper – Loads but initializes a helper image

    memory – shows information about heap memory usage

    mkdir — create one or more directories

    more — Merge (show) file(s)

    rename — rename file

    reset — Reset the system

    rmdir the — Remove empty directories

    set — Set or show environment variables

    set_param – Set system parameters in Flash

    sleep — Pause (sleep) for the specified number of seconds

    hook – triggers the generated breakpoint

    type — Merge (type) file(s)

    — MORE —

    unset – reset one or more environment variables

    version — show bootloader version

    Switch: flash_init

    Initializing Flash…

    …The exposure is already initialized.

    Switch: load_helper

    Switch: dir-flash

    ap dir flash unable to start flash/ permission denied

    Failed to get timesSolution flash/:denied

    Switch: directory

    List of currently registered file systems:

    flash[0]: (read-write)

    xmodem[1]: (read-only)

    null[2]: (Read-Write)

    bs[3]: (read-only)


    Unfortunately Google didn’t do anything productive to help me so I decided to try the program here, any help is always appreciated. I’ve tried Boot Outburst but no luck, I’m convinced the flash has either linked empty files or none of them seem to be bootable.

    I have a ws-c2924-xl-en catalyst that I get when I try to dissipate the flash. I formatted the flash part, xmodemed, and copied the specific c2900XL-hs-mz-112.8.11-SA6 file from the legacy Cisco switch location to the flash (as I thought) and I always get this mistake! Am I using the correct image? Please help me.


    switch: dir-flashCannot start flash / : failure
    Switch: Directory Setting 0
    Impossible stats 0/ : failure
    Switch: flash_init
    permissionYouFlash is initializing…
    flashfs[0]: 2 personal files, 1 directory
    flashfs[0]: 0 orphaned files, 3 orphaned directories
    flashfs[0]: total bytes: 3612672
    flashfs[0]: bytes used: 1120768
    flashfs[0]: Available bytes: 2491904
    flashfs[0]: The flashfs fsck 6 command took a few seconds.
    …Flash memory initialized.
    Boot sector file system (bs:) is set, fsid: 3
    Parameter block file system (pb:) installed, fsid: 4
    Switch: Download “Flash”
    Loading… Flash: access denied

    Flash Reboot Error

    So I don’t know exactly what the misdiagnosis is, I just started interpreting CCNA and got an alternative solution (major telcos provide helpful support).

    Here I have entered all PC QWERTY keys (from L-R, Q-Z)

    I tried following Cisco’s recommendations, but it didn’t work:

    C2950 Bootloader (C2950-HBOOT-M) Version 12.1(6)EA2c SOFTWARE RELEASE Compiled (fc1) Thu Feb 28, 2002 2:59 PM, continued by Antonino WS-C2950-24 Start… Basic Ethernet MAC Address : 00:0a:b7:6a:83:40 xmodem file approach available.

    Undoubtedly, before the initialization of the flash memory, the system was corrupted by filesoh system. The following commands make sure to initialize the flash file system and stop the operating system streaming software:

    ap dir flash unable to start flash/ permission denied


    switch: load_helper toggle: can’t execute flash stats/: access denied switch:? ? ? ? — Provide a list of available commands for running shoes — Download and run the cat exe image. Merge — (type) mimic file(s) — Copy file(s) and delete — Delete file(s)(s) dir — List files in directories on flash_init — format flash filesystem(s) — format real file system fsck — test file system persistence help — list commands available on the market load_helper — load image auxiliary memory and therefore initialize it — provide heap usage information mkdir — create more directories Concatenate – – (show) rename file(s) — rename entry reset — reset community rmdir — remove empty directories default — set or show environment criteria set_param — set system options in thumb trap – – Causes a breakpoint to occur program type Merge — (type) file(s) unset — Reset other environment variable — MORE — version — Display Bo Alternatives to otloader to switch: dir

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