Fix Error Code 16 Sims 3 World Adventures

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    If you’re experiencing Sims 3 World Adventures error code 16 on your PC, we hope this user guide can help you resolve the issue. Error 16. Error seventeen means that your quarter cut file is larger than 4 GB and cannot be saved. This will mean that the total file size of your current family game does not necessarily match the size of your current family.

    See See also: Problems and errors when loading the game

    Errors while saving game sheets prevent the user from saving their game. To clarify, they can appear in any video game in the Sims series, but are most commonly seen in The Sims 2 and The Sims Medieval. This article can only be about bugs in The Sims 3 and The Sims Medieval.

    Error List[]


    Error 19 in The Sims Medieval.

    1. No credentials.
    2. No active worlds.
    3. The save path is also empty.
    4. Could not save directory.
    5. The requested file could not be found.
    6. Invalid backup file length.
    7. Invalid filename.
    8. The file is really too long.
    9. Could not create header entry.
    10. Failed to write H2 tag entry.
    11. Callback failed before save.
    12. Failed to get binding file.
    13. Recover error after saving.
    14. Load/save handler not found.
    15. Error opening
    16. Error copying free application
    17. Another mistake. Sorry.
    18. Installing Custom Happy in the game did not update the current patch/EP

    New Bug Fixed[]

    If an error occurs, undo everything the Sims have done and save again.

    How do you fix error code 16 in Sims Medieval?

    Re: Error code 16: Sims Medieval not saving. Check your hard drive. Be sure to empty the Recycle Bin and defragment your hard drive. Do this regularly and it should prevent error 16 from appearing frequently.

    The easiest way to fix this is usually to save a few different game files each time, rather than merging them into a save. It also reduces the chance of losing unsaved game data needed for file corruption and creates any backups.Sims now automatically save an old save when people would normally save your game.

    What is step 15 of the Sims 3 World fix?

    Step 15 – The Sims 3 World Updates (Optional) (New Savegames Only!!) This step applies except for new savegames. installed using the old Globe files.

    The error is most likely caused by overcrowding in a certain area, which can be fixed, as well as editing the city, moving it Taking the pesky lot and back to its original place, dumping our own lot. [citation needed]

    error code 16 sims 3 world adventures

    If the error persists, additional workarounds may be required, which the user must find at their own risk on the marketplace itself. It is highly recommended that the user back up their data before attempting to resolve the issue using the services offered.

    How do you save Sims Medieval?

    If you can, you can immediately go to The Sims Medieval Gaffe 16 folder and from its save directory copy your latest save and paste it into your save folder inside the Sims Medieval folder’s new toothpaste. Launch the game and try to save it – with “Save As” and then “Exit” and try to load the current game again.

    Game save errors can be caused by a save file that is too large or not enough RAM to save the game, resulting in the error code yr. For more information, see How to play: Reducing the size of your saved game.

    Adventure World[]

    error code 16 sims 3 world adventures

    Errors 12, 13, or especially 04 often occurred after installing World Adventures. The bug is officially called “Error 16 Code Bug” by EA.[1] The bugs arose due to a change in the structure of the repository used to store saved games.

    Patch 7 was released to address this issue, and subsequent Patch 8 added a powerful AutoRepair hint for Restoring previously damaged games.EA has introduced a solution for restoring unnecessary corrupted game files.Console []

    Why won’t my Sims game save?

    Close the game, go to Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Cache and delete all cache files. Move your trusted save folder to your desktop, start a new game to create a new save folder. Move one folder at a time and see if any of these types work.

    In [2]

    PS2, Nintendo GameCube And PSP Games May Experience Memory Issues. However, It Usually Happens When The Memory Card Is Removed, When The Memory Card Does Not Take Up Enough Space, Or When Any Method Is Wrong With The Storage Device, Or When The Memory Card Is Not Inserted. If The Map Is Removed, The Original Sims Data May Be Corrupted.

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  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan PC"
  • 3. Click "Repair now" to start the repair process

  • Storage Errors Can Definitely Occur On Xbox 360, PS3 And Wii When There Is Not Enough Storage Space On The System.

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    How do you fix a corrupted Sims 3 game?

    Re: save filesBroken Sims 3 But you can try and vice versa – clear the game folder, start a solid save in the same world, new . nhd, drop your old one – it might help. If so, save the game and make a better save.

    When registering I clearly get an error message: An unexpected error occurred during registration: Whataburger coupons (or 13, or 15, or 16). Read more in the readme file.

    Error 12: World save file error. It probably has something to do with memory
    Error 13: Callback after save failure. It is not clear what this means. They fixed 1 bug that was causing this issue, and it doesn’t seem to happen often either.
    Error 15: Opening error. You probably don’t have enough rights to draw in the folder.16:
    error Error copying unpinned list. The file cannot be automatically (over)written.

  • Since error 12 seems to be fixed by memory issues, any 64-bit operating system and at least 4 GB of RAM should help avoid this error. EA changed the executable with patch 1.17/etc so that the native game can allocate 4 GB of RAM.
  • If you’re on a 32-bit system, you can try all the suggestions here. Game Help: Not enough crashes, step 3 memory. I highly recommend not doing this, especially for non-technical people who can make your site, but at your own peril andrisk.
  • Make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements (EA’s minimum requirements are a little low, especially if you use all EPs)
  • Save frequently and through fertility cycles (5-10 saves with different names, or just use Twallan’s Saver Mod to save on car insurance).
  • Back up user files regularly.
  • Before running the task, check the CurrentGame.sims3 folder. It must be empty. It contains at best during data set. If your entire game crashed, this folder might still contain something today. Or move the content.
  • Make sure there are no backups in the .bad file format in your backup directory. If you remove them, these companies will become useless.
  • Improve your memory
  • Run the game in virtual compatibility mode and/or as administrator
  • This software will fix your PC and improve its performance - download it now to get started.