Fixed Lenny Build Kernel Bug.

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    In this how-to, we will show some possible reasons that might cause Lenny kernel to compile and then suggest possible fixes you can try to solve this problem. A kernel package is used to automate the routine steps needed to compile in conjunction with installing another (special) kernel.

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  • In this guideexplains how to compile the kernel on Debian 5.0. The bypass kernel shipped with Debian is more suitable for eligible servers. It is designed for high bandwidth and low interactivity. If you compile your own, you can use it to optimize your current processors, among other things.

    Prepare the system

    #apt-get installed kernel package ncurses-dev bzip2 module-init-tools initramfs-tools procps fakeroot

    Should I compile my own kernel?

    One of the benefits of compiling your own kernel is that you can customize the kernel for your specific hardware, which also limits what the kernel can do. You may also need to compile your own kernel if the free kernel does not support certain types of hardware you have.

    If you plan on using gconfig and even xconfig graphical configuration tools, you will need additional programming, respectively libgtk2.0-dev libglib2.0-dev libglade2-dev for and even gconfig libqt3-mt-dev for xconfig.< /p >

    uname -r

    #apt-get put linux-source-2.6.26

    #mkdir ~/newkernel/

    #cp /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.26.tar.bz2 ~/newkernel/

    #cd /newkernel/

    #tar xjf linux-source-2.6.26.tar.bz2

    #cd linux-source-2.6.26

    You .may want to .copy the .working .template .for the .most important .config .kernels .directly into this directory, .some of which are in /boot/.

    #cp /boot/config-$(uname -r) ./.config

    #cat /proc/cpuinfo

    #create configuration

    #make menuconfig

    #do gconfig

    If you are actually using gconfig, you should definitely see a screen like the one below

    In the screen above, you must click on the letter Y/M/N in the very last column of your choice to activate or deactivate certain options

    #make-kpkg clear

    If you have a multiprocessor machine, you should have many processors running


    Do your own development. This will take anywhere from ten minutes to five hours depending on the hardware and configuration you choose (the more you choose, the longer it will take). You must include things like kernel_headers if you want to group other modules relative to the kernel, for example. ati or nvidia driver.

    How do I compile my kernel?

    Step 1: Download the source code.Multi-stage: extracting the source code.Step 3: Install the required packages.Step 4: Set up the kernel.Just a few steps: Compile the kernel.Step 6: Update the bootloader normally (optional)Step 7: Reboot and check the kernel version.

    #make-kpkg --rootcmd fakeroot --initrd --revision=custom.Kernel_image 001 kernel_headers

    It follows that along the way you will hear all sorts of chatter, warnings, etc A hint, which is certainly to be expected.

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    lenny compile kernel

    After that, change to the bottom directory where the newly created .chemical is located

    #dpkg 4 . -i.deb

    Reboot and select a new kernel from the list with your initials, this may be the ID you gave the concept during installation.

    How do I recompile a kernel module?

    Copy the file /boot/config -`uname -r` (example: /boot/config-4.8.0-46-generic) to the kernel source folder file: config and run make oldconfig. If the module belongs to the exact kernel source, verify that it has finally been enabled by calling make menuconfig, simply searching for the module and using the letter “M” if necessary.

    Don’t be afraid to compile the kernel. It’s fun and profitable.

    To compile any Debian-style kernel, you will need some packages:fakeroot, kernel-package,linux-2.6 source codeand a few others that are probably already installed (see/usr/share/doc/kernel-package/README.gz withfull list).

    This .method will be .build .by ..deb from your kernel source. And after that, if you have any modules,The non-standardization makes the actual synchronized .deb dependent on thoseAlso. This is the best way to support kernel images;/boot contains the kernel, the entire andlog of the existing configuration file to build.

    Note that you do not need to compile the correct kernel.”the Debian way”; but we hitWent on the packaging systemTaking care of your core is actually safer than just doing it. Actually you should get a coreYour sources belong directly to Linuslinux-source-2.6,However, continue to use the kernel-package compilation method.

    Please note that you will find 100% in the documentation withkernel-package under/usr/share/doc/kernel-package. Only this sectionincludes a quick guide.

    In the future, suppose that we give you complete freedom of action outside of your car and your desires.Check out the new kernel source somewhere in your [17] home directory. We also assume that your custom kernel version is2.6.26. Stand out in the directory in the best location you wantUnzip the kernel assets, extract them tootar xjf /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.26.tar.bz2and change it to directory linux-source-2.6.26this will may have been made.

    Now you can customize your own kernel. Run makexconfig when installing, configuring and running X11; Wellmake menuconfig otherwise required (will be installed).libncurses5-dev. Take time to readwho help in the network and choose carefully. When in doubt, it usually is.take better care of the device driver (software that can controlHardware devices such as Ethernet PC Cards, SCSI controllers, etc.a) you may well be unsure. Attention: many other options not related tospecific device, the specific value should be left as default unless youthey understand everything. Don’t forget to use “Kernel Module Loader”.in “Course Downloads” (it is not selected by default).If it is not enabled, your Debian installation is likely to run into problems.

    Clear the source tree, then reset the kernel-packagesettings. To do this, run make-kpkg clean.

    lenny compile kernel

    Now we build the kernel:fakeroot make-kpkg --initrd --revision=custom.1.0 kernel_image.Style number “1.0” can be changed inside; it’s justthe model number you will use to track kernel versions.Similarly, you can replace any word with “habit”.(for example, the name of the selection). Compiling the kernel may take some time.time, depending onthe power of your final machine.

    Once compilation is complete, you can install your own any other package. Deploy as rootdpkg -i../linux-image-2.6.26-subarchitecture_custom.1.0_ia64.deb.The subarchitecture part is optional.subarchitecture,depending on the kernel, the options we set.dpkg -i will useInstall the kernel along with some other interesting utilities. For instance, is sure to install correctly(useful for debugging kernel problems) and/boot/config-2.6.26 will be installed,with your current daily set. your newThe Kernel product is also smart enough to finally update your boot process automatically.bootloader to use this particular new kernel. If you have spawned a package of modules,You must also create this package.

    This is an opportunity to reboot the system: carefully read all the warnings thatabove step could generate shutdown -r now.Read More

    For more information on Debian kernels, not to mention kernel compilation, see .Debian Linux Kernel Guide.Additional information during

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    Исправлена ​​ошибка ядра сборки Lenny.
    Lenny-Build-Kernel-Fehler Behoben.
    Fixat Lenny Build-kärnfel.
    Naprawiono Błąd Jądra Kompilacji Lenny'ego.
    Se Corrigió El Error Del Kernel De Compilación De Lenny.
    Corrigido O Bug Do Kernel De Compilação Do Lenny.
    Correction D'un Bug Du Noyau Lenny Craft.
    Corretto Bug Del Kernel Di Sviluppo Di Lenny.
    Opgelost: Lenny Build-kernelbug.
    Lenny 빌드 커널 버그를 수정했습니다.