Best Way To Fix Ora-07443 “verify_function Not Found” Problem.

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Recently, some users encountered the ora-07443 “verify_function not found” error. This issue can occur due to several factors. We will discuss this below.

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    Profile [Bug #430251]
    Mon, Nov 09, 2009 2:52 PM

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    Hello everyone

    I tried to create a profile to visit below but got an error:

    Create user profile constraint app_user
    Downtime 10
    password_grace_time 2
    Password_Lifetime 7
    password_reuse_time 2
    failed login attempts 3
    sessions_per_user 2
    password_reuse_max 2
    password_lock_time 1/1440*10
    connection time 480
    Function search function password_verify;

    password_verify-function Verification function
    ERROR in episode 11:
    ORA-02376: invalid or redundant resource

    I removed the d password_verify_function and it worked:
    create at least one collection constraint for app_user
    2 downtimes 10
    3 password_grace_time 2
    five password_life_time 7
    six password_reuse_time 2
    half a dozen failed login attempts 3
    7 sessions_per_user 2
    8 password_reuse_max 2
    9 password_lock_time 1/1440*10
    10* connection time480
    SQL> /

    Profile created.

    Now I tried to reset the Verify+ function, but I also found errors:

    1 custom profile app_user limit
    2* password_check_functioncheck_function
    SQL> /
    Edit app_user
    profile limit*
    ERROR on line 1:
    ORA-07443: VERIFY_FUNCTION not found

    How do I create a profile with all the settings I need, especially the password_verify_function?

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    Re: Profile error [post #430257 is a reply to post #430251]
    Mon 09 November last year 15:27

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  • Old Member

    dimasd wrote on Monday, November 09, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    password_verify function check function;

    password_verify-function Verification function
    ERROR on line 11:
    ORA-02376: invalid or obsolete resource

    The hyphen must be a characterol underscore. And you know what happens after it’s actually a working name (you have so many typos that I can’t tell if you’re entering invalid commands or just typos). By default, I don’t think the verify_function is the last one in the database. Ask your current DBA. It is in utlpwdmg script.sql

    [Updated: Mon, Nov 09, 09 03:53]

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    profile settings

    . Oracle can use this setting to enable this password strength.

    Now, in order to implement this password checking function, you must first create a function in the SYS schema.

    The default/pattern check_function_11G function can be seen here $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/utlpwdmg.sql

    CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION verify_function_11G(username varchar2, private varchar2, old_password varchar2) RETURN boolean IS
    n boolean;
    m integer;
    different integer;
    isdigit boolean;
    ischar boolean ;
    ispunct boolean ;
    db_name varchar2(40);
    digitarray varchar2(20);
    punctarray varchar2(25);
    chararray varchar2(52);
    i_char varchar2(10);
    simple_password varchar2(10);


    digitarray:= ‘0123456789’;
    chararray:= ‘abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ’;

    — Check current minimum password length

    IF length(password) < 8 THEN
    raise_application_error(-20001, ‘Password less than 8’);
    END IF;

    — Check if password is someone with identity l ‘or same is username (1-100)

    IF NLS_LOWER(password) = NLS_LOWER(username) THEN
    raise_application_error(-20002, ‘Password same or similar for user’);
    END IF;
    FOR i IN 1..100 LOOP
    i_char := to_char(i);
    if NLS_LOWER(username)|| i_char = NLS_LOWER(password) THEN
    raise_application_error(-20005, ‘Password is same or extreme as username’);
    END IF;

    — Check if ‘ extreme password as reverse username

    FOR i from REVERSE 1..length(username) LOOP

    back user := back user || substr(username, i, 1);
    IF NLS_LOWER(password) implies THEN
    raise_application_error(-20003, nls_lower(reverse_user) ‘password equals header in reverse order’);
    END IF ;
    ora-07443 function verify_function not found

    — Make sure the password matches the server store and/or server name (1-100)

    Select name via db_name from sys.v$ database;
    if NLS_LOWER(db_name) = NLS_LOWER(password), THEN
    raise_application_error(-20004, Same ‘password as name’ server, or similar time’); < br>END IF ;
    FOR i IN 1..100 LOOP
    i_char := to_char(i);
    if NLS_LOWER(db_name)|| i_char equals NLS_LOWER(password) THEN
    raise_application_error(-20005, ‘Password same or similar to name server’);
    END IF;

    — Check if password is simple too easy. Phrase dictionary can be

    — save it and make sure it contrasts with allowed words
    — which might be too simple for a password.
    IF NLS_LOWER(password) IN (‘welcome1’, ‘database1’ , ‘account1’ , ‘user1234’, ‘password1’, ‘oracle123’, ‘computer1’, ‘abcdefg1’, ‘change_on_install’) THEN
    raise_application_error(-20006, ‘Password simple’);
    END also IF ;

    — Check if password matches just because oracle (1-100)

    simple_password := ‘oracle’;
    FOR i IN 1..100 LOOP
    i_char := to_char(i);
    if simple_password || i_char is equal to NLS_LOWER(password) THEN
    raise_application_error(-20007, ‘Password too simple’);
    END IF;

    — Check if its password contains at least one standard . one digit

    — 1. Search for some number
    is a number :=FALSE;
    m := length(password);
    FOR a specific person in..10 LOOP
    FOR j IN 1 ..m LOOP
    IF substr(password,j,1) = substr(digitarray,i,1) THEN
    isdigit :=TRUE ;
    GOTO findchar ;
    END IF ;

    IF number = FALSE THEN

    raise_application_error(-20008, ‘Password must contain at least one digit, enter characters’);
    END IF;
    — 2.Check the character of the person
    < >
    ischar :=FALSE ;
    FOR i IN 1..length (chararray) LOOP
    FOR l IN 1..m LOOP
    IF substr(password,j,1) equals substr(chararray,i , 1) THEN
    ischar :=TRUE ;
    GOTO endsearch ;
    END IF ;
    END LOOP ;
    IF ischar is FALSE THEN
    raise_application_error (-20009 , ‘Password must contain at least one digit
    and one character ‘);


    — Check if password differs from last password by at least
    — more characters possible
    IF old_password is NOT NULL THEN
    diff := length(old_password )-length(password);

    difference := abs(difference);

    IF takes output < 3 THEN
    IF length(password) < length(old_password) THEN
    m := length(password);
    m : = length(old_password);< br>END IF ;
    ora-07443 function verify_function not found

    FOR i IN 1..m LOOP

    IF substr(password,i,1) != substr(old_password,i,1) THEN
    other := diverges + 1 ;
    END IF ;
    END LOOP ;

    IF changes < 3 MOT

    raise_application_error(-20011, ‘Password must differ by at least 3 characters due to
    old password’);
    END IF;
    END IF ;
    END IF;< br > — Is everything all right? return TRUE ;
    /Setting the password check function Each piece of information can be assigned 1 function. And 1 function can be selected for multiple profiles, multiple functions can be run with different compression settingspasswords.

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