Best Way To Fix Spring DataaccessException Error Code Issues

February 8, 2022 0 Comments

Sometimes your computer may throw an error stating the error code Spring DataaccessException. There can be several reasons for this problem.

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    – DataAccessException is an unchecked RuntimeException. These types of exclusions were not applied by users. This exception is used to handle our own errors that occur when details use a database access API such as JDBC.

    spring dataaccessexception error code

    I am trying to delete important record from database using Spring Resources jpa in Postgresql database and also I need to catch this sql error code


    Is DataAccessException a runtime exception?

    DataAccessException is also a RuntimeException. This allows us to handle fatal persistent exceptions without having to deal with template catch blocks and pass-through and exception declarations for recent DAOs.

    userRepository.deleteUser(id); catch(org.springframework.dao.DataAccessException e) // Right here

    How do I get the SQL error code in the pull-at block? The getCause or getMessage method will almost certainly not get an SQL error code

    spring dataaccessexception error code


    What is spring DataAccessException?

    Class DataAccessException This hierarchical order of exceptions is intended to ensure that user code arrives at and handles errors that occur without knowing the details of the most specific data access APIs at use (such as JDBC). Thus, it is entirely possible to react to a useful blocking error without knowing that JDBC is being used.

    asked July 27, 2019 at 1:26 pm.

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    Is used by default to define error codes and custom exception translation?

    NOTE. SQLErrorCodesFactory is indeed the default for classifying error codes and custom translations of exceptions. They are looked for at the beginning under the name sql error codes.

    In the official JavaDoc for the SQLExceptionTranslator interface, look for this index:

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  • The returned DataAccessException must contain the actual SQLException as the cause. However, target code generally cannot rely on them because DataAccessException exceptions can increasingly be thrown by other resource APIs. However, the getRootCause() check of the SQLException instance (and subsequent cast) was always reliably taken into account when JDBC-based access was assumed to have taken place.

    So, given this media, you can write:


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